USING A-BALM: There are a few common and recommended ways to use A-BALM:

-"PACK THE CRACK" When you get a nasty crack in your skin, use the "Pack the Crack" method. Simply work a small bit of A-BALM into putty-like consistency and fill the crack. Don't rub it in, just fill the gap. A-BALM will help reduce any bleeding that may try to occur, and it will seal the wound preventing infection and dirt from invading. The herbs in A-BALM will help speed the skin to rejuvenate and heal.

-"GLUE THE FLAP" When you get a nasty flapper, never fear A-BALM is here! Carefully clean the wound and replace the flap of skin. Do Not apply A-BALM to a large open wound. With the flap replaced, seal around the edges of the wound with A-BALM. At this point, you probably want to use some tape to help keep the flap in place.

-"DIP THE TIP" Want to make your tips "bullet-proof?!" Thoroughly work A-BALM into each tip of your fingers, or any place you experience heavy wear on your hands. You will find that A-BALM will actually make your tips tougher and prevent excessive peeling. Rub it into your tips on cold days when you want extra prtection from cracking.

A-BALM is unique to other hand salves in that it will not overly soften your skin. The best protection you tips and hands have are those precious caluses that you've built up. You don't want a hand salve that will soften your skin and and make it susceptible to injury. You will notice that A-BALM is initially quite solid and requires kneeding to soften. Softer salves which are generally oily, will leave your hands moist and greasy feeling. This "greasy"ness softens your skin and keeps you from climbing.

A-BALM rubs in clean with no oily or wet feeling allowing you to return to climbing.
Rubbing A-BALM into your hands after a hard day of climbing will help them feel rejuvenated and ready for action in the morning.
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