What is A-Balm? A-Balm is the ultimate hand salve for rock climbers to heal and rejuvenate your hands after a hard day of climbing.

So what's in the Can? We start with pure whole raw herbs specially selected for their high quality and healing properties. Then, using traditional techniques, we infuse them into pure Organic Sesame Oil. We then blend the "Herbal Oil" with Beeswax in just the right proportions to create A-Balm salve. Open a can of A-Balm and you can smell how fresh and potent A-Balm is!

Experience A-Balm's healing power, just apply A-Balm to tired, sore and torn-up finger tips and feel "Fresher, Stronger, Longer," all day long.

Ingredients: Each can of A-Balm contains 1 fluid oz. of the following:
Organic Sesame Oil: This plant oil is rich in nutrients like Vitamin E in a bio-available form that our skin loves. Sesame Oil also has anti-fungal properties.
Beeswax: Wax perfected. You didn't think we'd use petroleum products in A-Balm did you? We source our Beeswax from local apiaries right here in Colorado.
Bing Pian: This aromatic plant resin lowers inflammation and reduces pain.
Tian San Qi: A type of Ginseng; San Qi is the #1 herb in Asian medicine for healing traumatic injury. According to ancient texts, it "invigorates the Blood and stops Bleeding."


Mo Yao and Ru Xiang: Together, these plant resins are some of the most powerful herbs for healing and restoring the skin.
Rou Gui Zhi: This aromatic herb stimulates superficial circulation to encourage healing. It is also used to treat arthritis and joint pain and has antimicrobial properties.
Tao Ren: Rich in nourshing oils, this seed "invigorates the Blood" to promote healing.
Dang Gui: This herb is famous for its healing properties. How could we leave it out?
Hong Hua: This prized herb comes from high in th Himalaya where it is widely used by native people to increase circulation and promote healing.
Chuan Hua Jiao: These pepper seeds from Sichuan have great pain reducing properties.
Huo Ma Ren: This seed's oil is great for skin. Rich in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.


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